Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changing My Name to Mrs. De La Torre

I've become very comfortable with being labeled the single sister, the single cousin, the single friend, and the single aunt.
I will never forget the moment when Paul got down on his knee at Tempe Town Lake and asked me to marry him. It is very difficult to describe the feelings that came over me, how natural it was for him to propose, how I hardly allowed him to finish before I responded yes.
I must admit that having this beautiful ring on my finger has turned me into a silly girl. I'll stare at my hand on the steering wheel of my car and think, "This can't be mine. I've always been single!" I was so distracted at work by how much it sparkles, that I slammed my arm on a cardboard box and lost my balance! But no matter how I act, I feel extremely blessed to have been given a sweet man that loves me as much as Paul does.
I've had many requests for the proposal story. It will not be a description of a perfect, beautiful day. Instead, it will demonstrate how much I ruined everything and how very much Paul loves me, despite my mistakes.
Paul and I have been managing a long-distance relationship while he completes his service mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Anaheim, California.
Apparently, Paul met with his bishop and was informed that because he does not have a mission companion, he can be engaged. He decided to propose in Arizona after he flew in to see my professional debut with the Phoenix Metropolitan Opera.
Paul had a perfect, secret plan in order: take me to Banderas in Scottsdale at 6pm, propose during dinner, and meet the rest of the family at home to celebrate.
I felt exhausted from rehearsals and decided to take a nap before leaving for dinner. While sleeping, I woke to a call from the Gap wondering if I can come in to work from 5pm-10pm. I happily agreed and suggested to Paul that we have a romantic lunch. Paul smiled and hugged me. He did not complain. I was clueless that I screwed everything up!
When I was walking into work, I ran into my mom and sisters who came to shop in GapBody. According to my coworker, my mother pulled her aside and informed her of Paul's intentions for the evening. I thought it was peculiar that after working for only 45 minutes, my coworker said, "We got your shift covered. Go home and be with your boyfriend."
I rushed home and surprised Paul at the door of his bedroom. Paul told me that he wanted to take me for a walk and that I should put on a dress. I remember having questions in my head like, "What is he doing? Why does he want me to wear a dress?" But I did not assume that he was proposing at all!
Paul wanted to take me to Tempe Town Lake. I tend to think that Paul chose the lake because he knows how much I love its dim lighting, like big floating candles.
We drove up a dirt road and parked behind an apartment complex. We began walking alongside the water. It was so peaceful. No other person was around. After some time, Paul asked to sit with me on a bench. He put his arms around me and sat me on his lap. He always makes me feel light as a feather.
I finally became suspicious when Paul said, "I have some good news. My bishop told me that I can be engaged while I finish my mission." I was caught off guard. After I gathered myself together I asked, "Do you have something sparkly for me?"
Paul responded, "Honey, it's time." I couldn't catch my breath! I will keep the rest of the story to myself. But, the bottom line is, I said yes!
Even though Paul and I are only engaged, I created this blog now to keep my loved ones informed of our wedding plans. We are both extremely eager for our wedding day and feel so blessed for the opportunity to begin a journey together as husband and wife!